Saturday, January 7, 2012

Checking That Blogger Dashboard...

So I'm sure if you've decided to check your dashboard from within September and today, The Stardoll Society has been completely dead, and I haven't heard a word from the writers and admins. Honestly, I lately have been annoyed with that, and have had the urge to change that.

I've missed the old TSS, where we would expect a new competition each month, getting updated every day, and looking forward to amazing new graphics by Joanne. To be quite honest, I can understand that money is a hard thing to just give away, and there aren't any writers to update us, and I'm not even sure if Joanne is using her account anyways. What can we do about that?

I need your opinions in comments, but I'm not even sure if I can get that.

Lets get TSS up and running again.


  1. Are you an admin? You could get up up and gonig again

  2. OR you could move to another blog, I'll be happy to help!

  3. You could try and get more writers. Keep advertising it, present an amazing competition that doesn't neccesarily have a really big money price. I don't really have that many popular blogs or projects or anything but i could help contribute to the prize..?? :)

  4. Agree with lollara123,
    You can get active writers to post on daily what's going on stardoll to keep the blog running up and You can advertise the blog to get more ACTIVE followers :)