Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just the Way you are...

I know I haven't been back on The Stardoll Society for some time, I feel like the blog is loosing its flare, and viewers... hopefully the writers (and Filipa ☺) will change that.

Anyways, I have recently keep on listening to Bruno Mar's song, Just the Way you are, making me think, what are the lyrics saying?

First, if you are having trouble, listen to the song, and think to yourself, what is he trying to say?

The song that I haven't been able to stop listening to is truly touching because this talented young artist is trying to tell a girl that he doesn't want her to change, because he loves her for who she really is.

Why do we teens, kids, and even adults feel like we aren't good enough, and should change?

Some may say because our peers make us look up to them, only noticing their flawless skin, perfectly combed hair, and sparkly white teeth.

Some say that people feel like they aren't good enough, because they might be the worst artist in the world, or even becasue they might be obese.

These things make us feel so much more insecure about our own selves, even when we may love ourself, secretly, you may loathe yourself instead. Indeed, we all have our own flaws, but you should love yourself for who you are. This song that I showed you today, I believe has a strong meaning, showing no matter how much you may hate yourself for being a different skin color, or wearing glasses, or being the kid getting F's on their report card, you should love yourself because you are you, and you are perfectly good at being who you want to be, and how you want to be seen. You shouldn't be afraid to have a bad hair day, because everyone has those, you should let loose, and not be afraid to show those people who the real you is.

I must admit, I, myself has been afraid to show who I really am, my family sees me as this young girl with the funniest personality, but when I am around those of my age, who might be more popular than me, I freeze, and I am shown as this snooby, shy, serious girl, who no one would want to get to know, but if I could face my fears, and show who I really am, I might feel better about myself, showing that you too, can show people who you are, and who you want to been seen as. Don't change who you are, show who you are.

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